"Angelite I" is not a destination but a stopover station on your journey, a place you seek out only for a temporary break from reality. If we ought to cross paths one day, we hope to give you memories that will stay with you for a moment or a lifetime.



My name is An. I run a tiny game development lab with many little experiments on making story-focused games known as An's Orbit.I have loved interactive fiction and dating sims from a young age, so as soon as I picked up creative skills, it became my aspiration to craft a story of my own in those formats. My main inspiration came from old dating sims, interactive fiction, and soft aesthetics.


  • I actually don't consume much purely romance works despite writing romantic stories.

  • My type of romance is friends to lovers and opposites attract.

  • Within the next few years, I hope to have games with original music.

  • I hate seeing clutters and I'm somewhat annoying when it comes to readability.

  • My brain is forgetful except when it comes to naps. It's always nap time.

Before rainfall


Before Rainfall is a story about falling in love and the passage of times that are attached to staying in love. It’s not always about the high of the relationship, but sometimes, the low doesn’t come from arguments or misunderstanding, but the inevitable weights that come with life.— Features: Two love interests with each of their respective route, each accompanied by another friendship route.
■ Two storylines, one about the aspect of falling in love, the other about staying in love.
■ Presumably, words. Hopefully, good words which formed a story that is readable.

after rainfall, comes sunlight


Title: After Rainfall, Comes Sunlight.
Genre: Romance, Drama, Slice of Life.
Platform: Window, Mac, Linux.
Release: TBA.
[Under construction]— Features: Four optional love interests, with two routes exclusive to each romance in the prequel game.
■ Various events surround the protagonist’s social and family life.
■ Affection system along with dating elements in final build.